ARTIST BIOGRAPHY CIQUAL - Reggae/Rap/RnB artist Song writer

CIQUAL is a fast-rising -Reggae/Rap/RnB artist Song writer  who came into the game of music-making to express his ever-burning passion for music. Born in the UK, he spent the earlier years of his life growing up in Jamaica, before returning to the UK at age 8 and later moved to Belgium. He currently lives between UK and Belgium, representing the beautiful inspirations and energies of all three countries. His goal is to breathe life into music in hopes of evoking a sense of unshakeable solidarity in others. Whenever he takes the centre of the stage, there’s no limit to his flair. The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence he received from family members. Growing up in a musically talented family meant that music first found CIQUAL. Also, he was influenced by a cousin while in infant school; she made a Reggae album while on a holiday in Jamaica. CIQUAL discovered his calling for music at an early age and since then, he has decided not to turn back. His love for music also streams from the motivation he gets from veteran and prominent role models in the music and entertainment industry. To mention but a few, artists like Masspike Miles, David Lynden Hall, Agent Sasco Masicka, Popcaan, Morgan Heritage, Lila Ike, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Jadakiss, Joyner Lucas, and Tory Lanez inspires his musical career. While living on a London Estate with not much to do as a youngster, he and his friends would ask the estate caretaker for the keys to the abandoned community hall. Utilizing their creativity and determination, the hall later doubled up as a game house and rehearsal studio. Here, his journey as a youth mentor and community worker began. As someone who enjoys projecting the best in everything he does, he was a part of a local community project to help and support disaffected youth and the campaign was later nominated for an Emma Award. In this project, music was the tool used to engage and build confidence and self-worth back into the community. Also, CIQUAL later joined an independent school as a youth worker with a therapeutic approach, working with 14 -16-year-olds of all backgrounds. CIQUAL is known for the passionate manner in which he fleshes out his flawless melodies that creates memorable, heartfelt rhythms with quotable lyrics. Music-passionate people find him to be original. Whenever he’s not busy making music or doing community work, you can find him writing, reading, playing football, riding motorbikes and spending quality time with his family. He hopes to make his music a must-have on every playlist in the world and leave a legacy when he’s gone.

                                "Take It Off"

Through his poetic words CIQUAL shares details of intimacy and the physical attractive features of women. "Take It Off" expresses how the 5 senses can get generated through sensuality.


The Story Begins..........

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