This is my entry for the final round of the MusiQcast acoustic category; another of my original songs called 'That Summer'.


I was inspired to write this song after watching a program on BBC in 2020 called 'Normal People', which told the tale of a teenage girl in her final year of secondary school, who was not at all popular and viewed as geeky and unattractive by all of the boys.

She went on to secretly enter into a sensual and steamy relationship with one of the 'popular lads' at school and he insisted that they kept it to themselves because he didn't want his friends to know; afraid of what they might say.

This song is also actually the very first song that I composed on piano after taking up teaching myself the basics last year and purchasing what has now become my go to instrument along with my acoustic guitar - my Yamaha digital piano.


I am so pleased to be able to share this video with the team at MusiQcast as I actually only recorded it last week with a new musical friend of mine called Ray Humphries in Warrington.

I wanted to 'up my game' a little for the final, rather than just sending in a home video that I had recorded on my iPhone.

Ray is keen to assist songwriters to develop some professional quality videos that they can then use for their own projects, along with them being featured on his YouTube channel 'The Mill Sessions' - hence the introduction.


I am really proud to have made it through to this stage of the competition after only actually taking up music and songwriting during the first lockdown in 2020.


My debut single 'Try' was released in June 2021 and this proved to be a HUGE undertaking for me, as I knew so little about the whole process earlier on this year.

It was recorded and produced in collaboration with my new found musical friend and advisor Colin Guthrie; a phenomenal guitarist from Liverpool, between our own home studios. 


I am really excited to continue releasing my original music this year and my sophomore single 'Green Light' is due for release on all streaming platforms on 6th August 2021.

I recorded this particular track with Alibi Productions in my home town.


'That Summer' is available to stream and purchase via my Bandcamp Artist page also.


The assistance of MusiQcast with promotion and support would be truly invaluable for me as an upcoming artist and I am crossing fingers, toes and eyes to win this category :)


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