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Nothing is ever a waste of time. All things that happen just help you shift the direction that you are going in

In the lyrics I start with a pattern of thought that is showing to be sad about a situation, but then I turn it around to find the positive from the situation. What a life lesson. And the exact reason why I love writing lyrics.

Song 6 (with an anonymous Canadian musician )

Some lyrics

It seems I've
Wasted my time again
But I've seen
Oh I've see
What I want
And what I need again
So the time hasn't been wasted
No No No No No No
It's just shown me which way to go
Which way to go

I'll go that way
To that place
Where I feel the grace of love
Where I know
I'm wanted
Cuz that's right where I want to be
So I'll go that way
To that place
That's just right for me

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