Song Vid is part of the ongoing Psychedelic Phantasm Space Opera, Countdown To Singularity 2028. The Coming Perfect Paranormal Storm and the Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly. The Doomsday Clock is counting down to 2028 scheduled to strike at 12 midnight New Years Eve. The Supernatural Minstrel Gears and Siren Singers are coming to Earth landing at the Alien Landg Field in Brogue Pa in HEX County which is ground zero for the coming storm. The New World Order Bloodlines and the blood drinking Reptilian 9th sector Vampire Dracs using A.I. artificial intelligence intend to try and harness it's power so they can knock a hole through the Parasite Fermion Paranormal travel route to the Intelligent Star Methuselah to gain power access to all knowledge. The Supernatural Minstrel Gears and Siren Singers have been summoned by the ancient Blood Moon Music Minstrel Guild to  confront the NWO and the Dracs from the plan of dominating all the Universe and all that is real. Stay tuned. The year 2028 is approaching when artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence in the coming perfect paranormal storm surge.

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