I've never had a hit, I don't look like Brad Pitt, and I’m not looking for tears, looking For pity They say I'm naïve, still following the dream, well if I can't be Real Madrid I'll be Leicester City I've always been a non league club; I'll never hit the top They say when will you grow up, when will the penny drop? I'll never be Ronaldo, I'm more a Robert Huth I've never been a corporate star, I'd rather sing the truth You'll never be anyone, you won't retire to the sun You'll always be the underdog, Sunday morning football in the fog ,Underdog. I've never had a hit, I don't look like Brad Pitt, and I’m not looking for tears, looking for pity They say I'm naïve, still following the dream, Well if I can't be Real Madrid I'll be Leicester City


Little Terry is an ex punk band guitarist, garage band lead vocalist and ska band guitarist/vocalist From Doncaster England who had had enough of being in bands and decided to go solo with his electroacoustic geetar . Tez writes songs about Life, Science Fiction, war, love, peace, supermarkets, drunkards, the environment, corrupt politicians, stealing drinks, Bullying, jealousy, Newspaper stories and everything else in-between, he gets angry, soppy, melancholic, wishful, doubtful, happy, silly and bashful in equal measures he primarily uses Folk Country and Punk, occasionally laced with a dash of Reggae, Ska, pop and rock n roll when the mood so takes him, he puts in a shift on his live shows with energetic performances every time. Tez has stacked up some notable support slots in his career supporting the likes of Rancid, Captain Sensible, Glen Matlock, Splodgenessabounds, Tenpole Tudor, and TV Smith playing such legendary venues as Nottingham Rock City, The Marquee London (twice) and Sheffield O2.Tez has played the field so to speak at festivals near and far playing Beautiful days bandstand numerous times, Breaking bands festival, Nice and Sleazy festival, HRH Punk Festival and Holidays in the Sun festival to name just a few, He’s just been confirmed for ‘Here for the Music’ festival in Devon 2021 (pandemic pending) he’s even popped over to France for small bar gigs in the Cherbourg area a time or two. Lockdown has found Little Terry busy playing various online festivals for JMW promotions, Breaking bands festival and Punk 4 the Homeless as well as his own FB Live sessions and various open mics. Keeping with the D.I.Y Punk ethic Tez has recorded 2 CD studio albums and 1 live album on his own label, he creates, prints and manufactures each CD personally. His latest Album ‘Fur and Medication’ is available to buy at gigs, Bandcamp and Facebook. All Tez’s songs and videos can be found on Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube where you will also find a few free downloads if you’re lucky? Tez prides himself on keeping his songs simple and catchy there are no fiddly intricate finger picking styles here neither are there any wine glass shattering F# descending x-factor vocal athletics on parade either, he hates that sort of thing plus he can’t do them anyway. He will also always throw a cover or two in his live sets, everybody from Slade to the Ramones have been given the Little Terry acoustic punk treatment, Johnny Cash, the Clash and the Pogues have all been given a little Terry make over from time to time, even songs from his past bands and mates bands you probably don’t know are covers have been included in Tez’s energetic sometimes frantically paced gigs.


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