Small Dogs Bite are a 3 piece hailing from The Forest of Dean, Gloustershire, after forming in 2018 the creativity started flowing and never stopped!

The result being their debut album ‘Ouch!’ (2019) an 11 track journey through Punk Rock, New Wave, Prog and Jazz, all with a dusting of Music Hall sensibilities

Some would say their sound is difficult to categorise - is ‘quintessentially British’ a genre? The band often cite musical inspiration coming from the likes of Zappa, The Clash, King Crimson, Jaco Pastorius, The Beatles and Ian Drury amongst others. With the song writing taking on the weighty issues of our day they together produce a sound that’s fully up to date, perhaps best described as being reminiscent of Pete Doherty and The Libertines.

Behind all the fun and angst these guys have the chops and musicality, creating a sound that travels beyond our near shores.

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