Indie /  JBee

Using cast-away sounds, re-cycled synths and drum machines Analogue Electronic Whatever create a balance between pop structures and experimentation. The sounds and textures are crafted from vintage sources creating vibrant and evocative music that explores themes of politics, childhood, the natural world, and pop history. More than just revivalist AEW weave melodies, speech and atmospherics to capture moments and moods that summon a deep sense of nostalgia and the joys of things that go WOBBLE and BLEEP.

Hot on the heels of the first album – ‘Since Year Dot’released for International Cassette day last year comes this years album ‘More Right than Wobble’ The albums lead streaming single – How to Fly gives a glimpse of the varied nature of the album. How to Fly is inspired by current chaos in politics, the environment, everyday life and our confusion about just what to do; ‘We are flying blind’.

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