Halloween is here! Time to head down to Rehmeyer's Hollow for a stroll in that deep dark spooky woods of what is known as HEX county York Pennsylvania. Where the Hex Witch Nelson Rehmeyer lived. Strange time of the year for that place. I've seen some really weird stuff in that hollow. TRUE REAL things, incidents you wouldn't believe. I used to live there. SCARY in that Hollow where that Witch lived. Music Video is with Rusty and Sparky Lynne Newcomer that I filmed. Music is by me, Lenny, song is called Rehmeyers Spells. Sparky Lynne who play Nellie Noll the River Witch is the sister of Dan Hartman. He had a hit song in the 80's "I can dream about you." Check out this strange video. Rehmeyer's actual witch house is in the video the place where he was murdered by three farmers trying to get a lock of his hair a real life true story. ( FREE song download http://jamen.do/t/1532417 ) Check out the main Supernatural Gears SPACE OPERA site "Countdown to Singularity" http://supernaturalgears.org 

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