Song by Lenny C. Llionstar N' Marshmello Angel Popsickles.
Log entry 872019 -  Summoned by the Intelligent star the Celestial Green Phantasia a supernatural siren song gear was summoned to sing the final siren song when the Perfect Paranormal Storm surge wave comes down upon Earth. To hit Hex York County Pennsylvania as two timelines of a  Parallel Universe merge together from a paranormal force trillions of light years from inner space from a black hole. A Black hole thought to lead to the 13th dimension. An unknown supernatural force coming from the 13th dimension of what was once believed to contain nothingness. The 9th sector Reptilian Vampire Dracs, the Draculas will try and counteract the Phantasia's siren song with their opera Haarp singer from Alaska called Haarp directed by their base in connection with the New World Order. The Reptilians Dracs have taken over the United States and Russian Governments. They have renamed Washington D.C. Luciferington D.C. ( Drac City ) now part of the Russian 9th sector Drac Federation led by the ruthless Drac Dictator Lutin the Poison Chef.... Jakobs Diary, Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly log entry by Lenny C. Llionstar
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Psychedelic Phantasm Space Rock Opera Comix

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