Jakobs Diary Log Entry: 897YU

Every year on Halloween night the Reptilian Drac Spooky Thelma shows up at my house. She is a Shape Shifter Drac. I'm not usually friends with Reptilian Draconian Dracs only Draculas from the 6th sector who no longer drink human blood. Thelma is 9th Sector who is very dangerous. 9th Sectors still drink human blood. Although Thelma is trying to ween herself off of this ancient ritual of drinking blood like the 6th sectors have done I still am careful around her. We became sort of friends although, I don't trust her. She loves to play games like all Dracs do and always shows up on Halloween night Sometimes Reptilian Dracs show up at my door as Killer Clowns and will dance outside the door trying to freak me out while I peek through the door hole. Those Clowns will definitely drink your blood if you let them in. Dracs got their name from where they came from Draconia in the Draco Constellation. Dracula came from the name Draconia. Bram Stoker knew of the Reptilian Dracs and based the vampire character Dracula after a Reptilian Blood Drinking Shape Shifting Drac. These shape shifting Dracs can shift into a Bat which is where the myth came from along with the character in Bram Stokers book. - Lenny Llionstar - Supernatural Gears Comix SeriesĀ 

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