Here's a short song (1 minute) that I just finished and made especially for YOU. The song is called "One Minute of Love Sweet Love". As you know, this world is so full of hate and it's becoming more and more prevalent. While meditating and thinking, this came to mind...What if everyone in the world could show 1 minute of love all at the same time? Would that person that hated a minute ago, learn to love the next minute? Would 1 minute be enough for someone (maybe they'll want more after that). Maybe he/she never received love before, never felt love before, never gave love before, don't know how to love? Love is taught, love is learned, love is kind. It's never too late to love. I always choose love over hate.

 If you enjoy the song, please feel free to download (free) at SoundCloud or ReverbNation. Share with someone (sharing something positive is a form of love...sharing is caring).

I hope that this song to just meditate on for a minute will help someone, will encourage someone, uplift someone in knowing that the power of LOVE is stronger than any hateful force that you can imagine. In saying this...I remain humble. S.L. ????

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