In this historic moment in which the human race seems to have lost any sense of certainty and everything seems to have broken down, in which time seems to stand still and everything you believed to be ‘life’ has crumbled with a breath, revealing an emptiness,  comes the need to reinvent ourselves, to finally meet the deeper side of ourselves: our true inner self!
The solitude, uncertainty, instability and fear comes hand in hand with this understanding which we have probably never been as close to before, that we are all so very much connected.  We are all identical and united in our fragility and smallness, facing something which is still so little understood and which is so much bigger than we are.  We find ourselves reflecting on our human condition, inhabitants of this Earth, with no distance, territory or borders, connected by one unique truth: to EXIST; totally guilty and unaware of having lost the pure essence of being a human being.

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