It has been a difficult decision to choose a winner amongst the final 8 but the judging panel have eventually decided that…. Mark Bleasedale has won the Studio Produced Category and Kelly Cresswell has won the Acoustic Category, so a big congratulations to you both and we will be in contact shortly.  

For the runners up, we have given you all a free pass to round 2 of the next competition that will be starting soon. 

Thank you to all that took part in this competition, as music fans it has been a pleasure listening to all submissions. 

And once again, thank you for all the love and support we have received over the past year 


Round 3 of MQ Competition

We have reviewed all submissions for the MQ competition. We have had so many exceptional admissions, it has been extremely difficult to pick who will go through to round 3!

If you haven't made it through, this isn’t to say we didn’t enjoy your music, we did and that's why you made it through to round 2. What we did choose just had a little extra something. So without further ado here are the those that have made it to round 3…

The Samu 

Kelly Cresswell

Lee Culleton 

House of Seb 

Dizzy Panda 

Jen Dixon 

Mark Bleasdale 

Neil Hatton

For round 3 we need you to submit your best song yet, or are you confident enough in the song you have already submitted? The choice is yours, have you saved the best till last?

You have until the end of June to submit your final entry, good luck and well done to you all.

 We appreciate everyone on MQ, please continue to support us and we will continue to support you 




Round 2 of Competition and Server Updates 



Due to continued growth we recently reached our capacity on our server for the website. This meant that we needed an upgrade ASAP! While this update was taking place some of you could not access the site to either upload your content or submit your content into our competition.


In the interest of fairness, we have extended round 2 of the competition until the end of the month. 


The  site is back up and running and ready for use. So, if you are still in round 2 of the competition then get submitting your music. If you are new to MusiQcast then sign up for your free account and enjoy as a musician promoting your music or as a music fan discovering something new.  






Round 1 of our competition has now closed. Due to the level of submissions we’ve had to do things a little different.

It was a lot quicker & easier for us to contact those that DID NOT make it through to round 2 to break the news. 

So if you have not heard from us CONGRATULATIONS, you are through to the next round

In round 2, you can now submit a different song or stick with your original submission. You will need to resubmit the song to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to stay in the competition.

You now have until the 20th of May to enter this round, so we can start round 3

We want to thank all those that entered those that were eliminated and those that are still in the competition. Due to the level of submissions (we weren't expecting the amount we received!) we have had to stretch the competition further, so the competition will now end at the end May 2021 laughing


It's competition time!


 Competion now closed for new entries

Prizes - Each of the winners will recieve a gold record from MusiQcast with their name and song and presented in a beautiful frame. The winners will be promoted on our pinned tweet for a month, the winning songs will also be in the promoted video module on the home page of MusiQcast for the month. In addition they will be submitted to our extensive list of radio stations, social media groups and A&R specialists. 


Good luck!

Rules - stage one
Songs must be submitted in mp3 or mp4 format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. once signed up to a free MusiQcast account. Any songs sent in without an account will not be entered.
Bands or artists entering must not have more than 20,000 followers on any social media site. The competition is for upcoming talent.
All genres will be considered
Any person abusing MusiQcast staff will be ejected from the competition and any future competitions.
Artists can enter both the produced and the live categories with one song per category.
We would appreciate a share on your socials once your song is submitted to help get awareness for MusiQcast and the Music Casting Competition.
Songs will be narrowed down by a panel of our chosen judges who know the industry, to be sent through to stage two, if you do not hear from us unfortunately you haven't made it through this time. Tips on what we are looking for can be seen in the hints section below.
Stage 2
Artists that have made it through can now send in a new song to either of the categories they made it through.
Only 10 will be chosen to go through to the final stage.
Stage 3
Artists can now enter a third song or resubmit either of their first two songs.
Winners will now be chosen by our panel.
Round 1
We will be looking for something that catches our attention. A good singer, good lyrics, a catchy chorus, an infectious melody etc
Round 2
Now would be a good time to pull out your top trump and submit your best song. This is the stage you really want to stand out and get our attention as only 10 will be chosen from this stage!
Round 3
Congratulations if you make it this far. This is where your previous songs will also come into consideration. We will be looking for artists who are good to go. Ready for promotion, so if you have a good 2 or 3 songs submitted then that’s what we want. Judged overall on your song writing abilities, instrument skills, creativity and entertainment values.
No payment will be provided by MusiQcast to any artists for their songs that make radio airtime or magazine exposure.
If at any point you no longer wish your song to be played on air just send us an email and we’ll do the rest.
We will submit your songs as stated above but we cannot gaurentee airtime or endorsement from our affiliates. 
Good luck to all entering!
The MQ team


Is Harry Styles this generation's David Bowie?

 Now this may cause some to seriously frown, or be out and out apoplectic but hear us out.

 Harry was clearly the stand out member of one direction. A manufactured band that had all the hallmarks of being our generation's beatles. Screaming masses   greeted them wherever they went, selling out stadiums around the world. 

 Now that that has come to an end ‘Harry mania’ has not. He has a solo career that is going from strength to strength and legions of fans that have followed him   from 1D but also capturing new fans, myself included. 

 He has some of the characteristics of Bowie, being able to reinvent himself and style for every song and album.

 With he’s eclectic and eccentric style, all that is missing is an alter-ego like ziggy stardust.

 Now some purist and diehard Bowie fans will be bleeding from the eyes while reading this but I am not in the slightest suggesting that he has the musical genius   that was DB but it is still early days. 

From Watermelon Sugar to Sign of the Times, he clearly displays a diverse sense of music to match he's wardrobe.

Having lived all over the world, it's easy for me to think that had the pandemic not landed, watermelon sugar would have been the summer anthem for many being played around swimming pools in hotels and beach parties the globe over!

Musician, singer/ songwriter and model It’s going to be interesting to see what the future holds for Mr Styles.





  Bio Article - Little Terry


Little Terry is an ex punk band guitarist, garage band lead vocalist and ska band guitarist/vocalist From Doncaster England who had had enough of being in bands and decided to go solo with his electroacoustic geetar . Tez writes songs about Life, Science Fiction, war, love, peace, supermarkets, drunkards, the environment, corrupt politicians, stealing drinks, Bullying, jealousy, Newspaper stories and everything else in-between, he gets angry, soppy, melancholic, wishful, doubtful, happy, silly and bashful in equal measures he primarily uses Folk Country and Punk, occasionally laced with a dash of Reggae, Ska, pop and rock n roll when the mood so takes him, he puts in a shift on his live shows with energetic performances every time. Tez has stacked up some notable support slots in his career supporting the likes of Rancid, Captain Sensible, Glen Matlock, Splodgenessabounds, Tenpole Tudor, and TV Smith playing such legendary venues as Nottingham Rock City, The Marquee London (twice) and Sheffield O2.Tez has played the field so to speak at festivals near and far playing Beautiful days bandstand numerous times, Breaking bands festival, Nice and Sleazy festival, HRH Punk Festival and Holidays in the Sun festival to name just a few, He’s just been confirmed for ‘Here for the Music’ festival in Devon 2021 (pandemic pending) he’s even popped over to France for small bar gigs in the Cherbourg area a time or two. Lockdown has found Little Terry busy playing various online festivals for JMW promotions, Breaking bands festival and Punk 4 the Homeless as well as his own FB Live sessions and various open mics. Keeping with the D.I.Y Punk ethic Tez has recorded 2 CD studio albums and 1 live album on his own label, he creates, prints and manufactures each CD personally. His latest Album ‘Fur and Medication’ is available to buy at gigs, Bandcamp and Facebook. All Tez’s songs and videos can be found on Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube where you will also find a few free downloads if you’re lucky? Tez prides himself on keeping his songs simple and catchy there are no fiddly intricate finger picking styles here neither are there any wine glass shattering F# descending x-factor vocal athletics on parade either, he hates that sort of thing plus he can’t do them anyway. He will also always throw a cover or two in his live sets, everybody from Slade to the Ramones have been given the Little Terry acoustic punk treatment, Johnny Cash, the Clash and the Pogues have all been given a little Terry make over from time to time, even songs from his past bands and mates bands you probably don’t know are covers have been included in Tez’s energetic sometimes frantically paced gigs. 

You can check out one of Little Terry's tracks 'Leicester City' by clicking the link below

Leicester City




SONG TITLE - Unstable and EP is 30

NAME - Everyone calls me Vlad and I do everything in Synaptic Schism, from writing to mixing to marketing. It is a one-man enterprise.

AGE - 45

LOCATION - Charneca da Caparica, a nice village close to the beach, near Lisbon, Portugal.

MUSICAL INSPIRATION - None! It is difficult to explain, there’s just stuff in my brain that wants to come out as music. However, that is just the beginning, never the final form of the song. It is the idea, the puzzle that leads me to move forward but then there is an aesthetic I find, a meaning. That aesthetic ends up defining what the song is. Same applies to the music video.

LIKES - I love travelling. Knowing new cultures and being the outsider is the ultimate “out of comfort zone” experience.

DISLIKES - There aren’t a lot of things I dislike, but in the context of music, I strongly dislike bad interpreters. I often say there’s no such thing as bad music, only bad musicians.


Tell us about your song and upcoming EP

Unstable is about mental health. It was a very difficult song to write and a very difficult video to edit. I found myself overwhelmed with it at times in both stages. It is a song that hope helps to bring awareness to a topic that is still a bit taboo. We need to be able to understand that there’s no health without mental health. 30 celebrates 30 years of song writing. It is a 4 song EP where I focused on turning complex orchestral motifs into what I would call pop-orchestral. The 4 songs are what I would call my “hits” over the past 30 years. Songs that people still ask me to play decades later. Some were metal ballads, others were singer-songwriter songs. All of them turned into excellent orchestral music I think.

What got you into music? 

There are different layers to the reply. The first and easiest one is that like many other things in my life, it was the thrill of learning. I am always learning something new and all my music stages had some form of learning with it. Then there are other different reasons for another layer but for this project in specific I would say that what makes me want to write music now is that I want to make a better world for my daughter.

Where do you see music taking you? What's the end goal?

My end goal is to reach millions, not for fame or fortune, but to impact people and make the world a better place. A good example is Unstable. I don’t need the recognition of writing that song or editing that video, but if I’m able to help shape how mental health is viewed, I reached my goal.

What advice would you give to an 18 year old you? 

There will be a time when you’ll decide that you don’t have time to write music. You will regret it. Deeply. Keep writing songs, no matter what.

Vlad is a great guy, he is deep, intelligent and this shows through his music. I have enjoyed getting to know Vlad and I am a fan of his and no doubt you will be too!

Check out Vlad's song Unstable. You can also view Vlad's cinematic instrumental Voices of Conscience in the instrumental and acoustic genre.



                     End of year letter from our Founder


2020 has been a tough year for all. Emotionally, physically and financially. Myself and MusiQcast have not escaped this either. 

Yet thanks to our users, followers and fans we are finishing the year on a high. So, what has happened with MQ in its first year?

Well since launching in March, we have seen hundreds of videos uploaded. The platform has had numerous facelifts and updates and finally is somewhere close to where we want it. We still have a long way to go but we are further along than predicted and that's thanks to you guys.

2021 wil be a very busy and interesting year. We will be looking to implement our LIVE STREAMING capability and hopefully our very competitive revenue share programme. But for the revenue share programme to come into effect we need more users and visitors. This is where I ask for your help. We need you to help us spread the word and let the world know we are here. I will continue to do everything in my power and within my financial means to blow this up but we need you! 

Once again I want to thank you all for your support, kind words and encouragement. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and the best of wishes for the new year. 

Most importantly please stay safe                                                                                                           


Kind Regards 








SONG TITLE - I'm Here Freestyle             


AGE - Unknown

LOCATION - South East London

MUSICAL INSPIRATION - Naz, Shabba, Mobb Deep

LIKES - Chillin and Billin (I'll leave that one with you guys!) 


We had a quick catch up with ES LONDON. There was an interview planned but that nasty lockdown reared its head again! We'll have a proper chat with him again soon. 

Thanks for chatting with us bro, so what got you into music ? I always ask this as it's one of my favorite questions to ask musicians.

Being an only child I used to just sit and watch my uncle's make music. Then when they would perform that's the bit that really hooked me' 

Nice man, I love it when that question brings up memories.

What is the end goal? Where do you want music to take you?

"Just to be comfortable, my missus and baby mean everything to me. As some of the lyrics in my tracks suggest, life hasn't been easy and I have made mistakes (we all have, no judgment here) So I just want them to be good"

What advice would you give an 18 year old you?

"Just stick to whatever you choose to do, nothing more nothing less" 

We really appreciate ES LONDON taking the time for a quick chat. We really like him and his music. Growing up where he did, I can relate to his lyrics and recognise certain things and places that he chats about. I know he won't mind me saying this and he speaks about it within the little nuggets of gold he's uploading to MQ but life hasn't been easy for him, he has made mistakes. Yet I do feel that redemption, proving a point and making things right for himself first and foremost are what drives him and his music. I predict a strong future!

Check out some of his songs 'One Take Introduction' and 'I'm Here'   





SONG TITLE - Stand for Nothing & Ride The Rain

NAME - Paul Cartwright - Solo Artist

AGE - 42

LOCATION - Widnes, Cheshire - UK

MUSICAL INSPIRATION - Radiohead, The Doves, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits & Kings of Leon    

LIKES - Football, Kickboxing, Martial Arts & Climbing

DISLIKES - Seagulls and Tin Foil (it's his Kryptonite!)


Stand for Nothing is about the battle you go through as a couple having a very premature baby. My daughter was born 4 months early, at just 24 weeks, weighing 1.9lb. That’s less than half a bag of sugar. She’s 14 months old now and doing great!”

Ride the Rain is about my close friend who passed away. His name was Alex Melvin and he taught me most things I know about acoustic guitar and song structure. I was listening to my track while driving to work, trying to think of lyrics when I saw a massive Jacobs Ladder over Frodsham Hill. The sunrays were beaming through the clouds right on me. Just as I was in awe of it, it disappeared and started raining heavily. I knew I had to make it the topic of my song about Alex.’ 

We’ve had fun getting to know Paul but wanted to know a bit more. So we had a quick fire question round and here’s what he had to say

 Paul are you ready?

1. Drums or Guitar? “Guitar, obviously!’ 

2. Hendrix or Clapton? “Clapton.”  He gave his reply with complete conviction!  

3. What advice would you give an 18 year old Paul? “Believe in yourself”  We often hear this as a cliche but from Paul it seemed to be genuine rather than something someone would say on the spot.

4. What advice would you give somebody who hasn't started their music journey or is thinking of starting? “Don’t just listen but learn” As he gave this answer he looked away from the camera, a smile appeared on his face as if he was conjuring a memory. "My mentor Alex taught me to play the guitar. At first I would just listen to what he played  but that doesn't teach you. So instead I started to learn what was happening, not just listened.”

4. When are you next in the studio and can we get an exclusive on the title of your next track? “Soon, I'm due in the studio anyday”  We laugh as he explains the original title and why it has been changed but we’ll leave him to reveal this story. “So the new title is….Jack the Twit”

 We’ll catch up with Paul again in a few months time for an update and hopefully have a listen to his new song. In the meantime you can listen to ‘Stand For Nothing’ in the Indie genre and ‘Ride the Rain’ in the Alternative genre here on MQ.